Ever since our founding, Telacoya Group has grown through helping our valued customers create travel memories.

We have four business areas: our direct sales business, in which we set the stage for customers' memories, our outside sales business, in which we create memories in collaboration with partners, our mail-order business, in which we send memories to our valued customers, and our manufacturing business, in which we create appetizing travel flavors. We will continue efforts to improve our storefronts and products in hopes of creating customer smiles.


直販事業We work towards creating stores which will linger in the customers’ hearts.

Our company strives to create shops that support visitors in tourist spots, enjoying their free time. The support of the staff and selection of goods; is all in order to better leave an impression on all customers.

  • 【Character cafe】
  • Rilakkuma sabo
  • 【Character goods】
  • Donguri Republic
  • Miffy kitchen
  • SNOOPY Chocolat
  • Kaiun-Sumikkogurashi-an
  • sumikkogurashi-do
  • chikawa mogumogu-honpo
  • Rirakkuma Sumikkogurashi denim house
  • 【Food】
  • Telacoya Honpo
  • Goma-Fukudo
  • Sawawa
  • Beef Nigiri Specialty Shop
  • 【Food and drink】
  • Menkuroudo
  • Mori no Cafe
  • 【Japanese goods】
  • Yuzen
  • Fuyusha
  • Denimstreet
  • Kirara
  • Sakura-Yashiki
  • 【Variety sale】
  • Happy Owl
  • Good Luck Goods Shop
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外販事業 We recommend the customer our track record of direct sales.

We will suggest products which have proven successful in direct sales, and listen to the voices of customers. We also support orders for OEM which will meet the needs of creating a whole system, from planning until production.

Package suggestion of the sales floor We propose comprehensive product packages just for your store based on our direct store experience and track record. In addition to products, we propose displays and sales promotions tailored to your sales space, creating a top-selling store just for you. Various OEM product suggestion We plan and develop original products, then adapt them to your design and functionality requirements, helping you develop unique products.
Our strength is in our ability to provide you with a full-package proposal from design to manufacturing, display, and sales techniques.

TEL:075-323-4986 FAX:075-325-3525

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直販事業DM & Website Business

We began our mail-order business to respond to customer requests for products they had purchased at our direct stores. Now, customers increasingly tend to make purchases for gifts and presents, not just to enjoy in their own homes.

We inform customers of our products through direct mail advertisements, our online shop, and product notices from each of our direct stores.



製造部門We pursue good flavor and safety
at our in-house desserts manufacturing plant.

We perform manufacturing and sales with our multiple dessert production lines. We have a passion for traditional methods, and have developed a variety of food products, including nostalgic flavors and new items tailored to modern needs.

  • 本社工場_1
    The Process for Rice cake
  • 本社工場_2
    The Process for Matcha bracken rice cake
  • 本社工場_3
    The Process for Sweets packing
  • 本社工場_4
    The Package of Products